Since I was a child I have had an appreciation for Japanese culture through my mother and several people that we hosted at our home. I found anime and through that I found the music. Nearly 20 years ago my best friend and I started on our journey into the Japanese music world after first listening to X-Japan’s ‘Forever Love’ on the X Movie ending. From there it spawned into a strong love (and expensive hobby).

I studied the language and in 2002 spent a year in Japan through school. It took me an embarrassing long 6 months before I figured out what a live was after going to a Pierrot concert and was handed a flyer. They explained to me they were a band soliciting to come to their live. After that I managed to go to about 80 lives in the next 6 months, discovering the indies scene.

I have been called an elitist before, though I have not claimed that title on my own. I simply won’t like a song/band just because they’re Japanese or because it’s a band I’ve claimed to love. I don’t love it just because of the look either. Packaging is fun, but at the end of the day if the music is good, I enjoy it.

Perhaps it comes from having been classically trained, but I hold music to a higher standard at times. Complexity and originality catches my attention more often than not.

Over the last decade or so, my friends and I have seen a decline in quality. Bands either are all scream or all sparkle – no talent. The amount of rehashed and redone sounds becomes irritating and depressing. So in attempt to find music of quality, I have this page.

I will try to link to mostly official YouTube channels, as indies bands need the data and stealing music actually hurts them. I will not torrent, and prefer to purchase to support the bands. I’m hoping to see more bands post music and videos on services like YouTube to broaden their reach and exposure.